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So Inviting

I sat on the patio chaise in my usual summer morning attire of pajamas and barn boots, a basket of freshly gathered colorful eggs beside me, taking baby sips of my once again lukewarm thrice reheated coffee, and watched Hayden happily dash from slip and slide to swimming pool and back again.
I knew Patrick would pretend to be annoyed when he returned from work and saw the grass clippings floating in the pool, but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything to Hayden about the mess he was making as he ran through the grass shouting, “I love the sound of nature!” before catapulting himself into the water. Crows must be music to his little ears.
The air was still. And hot. The usual breeze was noticeably absent, and I wiggled my sticky toes uncomfortably in my overheated rubber boots. The water sparkled and shimmered and beckoned me in.
I briefly considered going inside to dig through my disastrous closet in search of a bathing suit, but it sounded like far too much effort. Yet sweat was forming at the small of my back, and the water looked so inviting….

Boots and Eggs


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It’s a B-I-T-C!

Hayden started yelling from the back seat of the car, “It’s a B-I-T-C! It’s a B-I-T-C!” and then Addison started screaming. Everyone is in a panic and I’m thinking that he was incorrectly spelling a bad word so I’m frantically looking out the window for this terrible person that is causing them to absolutely freak out, wondering how he even knew what the word meant, let alone how to spell it almost correctly, and shouting to them, “What on earth?! What is going on?!” and it is complete pandemonium inside the car. He shouts again, “It’s a B-I-T-C! A Bee In The Car!”.

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