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Life Since High School

My highschool graduating class was asked to send in updates about our lives and I thought I might as well share it with all of you as well. Bet you didn’t know….

I am still living in Camas, WA with my husband, our two boys named Hayden (6) and Addison (8), and our gazillion chickens.

I’ve been a Flight Attendant for the past 18 years, and I LOVE that it doesn’t challenge me! I’m super happy mindlessly pouring sodas and find that the most difficult part of my job is stabbing the lemons and limes with those little pokey sticks. I mostly fly between Portland and Maui, but the truth is, I fly as little as they let me get away with. I love spending time with my family, so try to be home as much as possible, or have them tag along when I must fly. The boys are as comfortable in a plane as they are in a car, and the staff at our crew hotel know them by name.

I love my kids, but am the first to admit I am a terrible mom. I don’t cook, or sign them up for extra curricular activities, or make sure they floss every day. I let them watch Phineas and Ferb and play Minecraft whenever they want. I’ve sworn in front of them more than a handful of times, and I’ll pull them out of school in a heartbeat if I have a good layover somewhere and the flight loads are good. Yet somehow, despite my multiple failings, they are two kind hearted, well mannered, super happy little boys.

I sometimes feel guilty that I hate sending my kids to school. They go to a fabulous school and have fantastic teachers, but I think they should be home playing — with me. I know I’m supposed to champion their education and push them to keep up with the Joneses, but honestly, I think it’s stupid that little kids spend FIVE days a week inside a classroom. There. I said it. My eyes are squeezed shut and I’m waiting for the lightning.

So now that I’ve admitted that, it should come as no surprise that I believe in old fashioned summer fun. We don’t go anywhere or schedule anything for ten glorious weeks. Summer is all about rolling down hills, splashing in pools, birthday parties, lazy mornings, afternoon naps in the sunshine, picnics on blankets, roasting marshmallows and staying up way past bedtime.

But this summer hasn’t been without its struggles.

One of my dear friends gave birth to her son at just 27 weeks. This is her first baby, and she’s doing it alone. I drive 2-4 hours roundtrip, depending on traffic, to be with them several times per week. And I selfishly dread being in that car, alone, feeling like I am wasting time away from my own boys, missing out on moments with them. But then I finally arrive at the NICU and I get to hold little Kairo in my arms and kiss him, and I gain perspective and try to stop the incessant whiny monologue taking up space in my head.

Also, my oldest, Addison, is turning nine next month. He’s stopped eating. And it scares the shit out of me. He’s wasting away to just skin and bones and after seeing doctors and specialists they are telling me it’s a psychological issue related to him choking a couple of years ago. He is going to start therapy, which my husband (who I am the first to say is an amazing, involved, hands-on father) doesn’t think will help. He thinks it’s just a phase and if we just let him be, it will pass. But I am an incessant worrier and I wake in the night crying after dreaming of eventual hospitals and feeding tubes and worst case scenarios.

Honestly, I have no idea why my husband stays with me. For his birthday three years ago, I promised I would clean out our closet. He lit up like the boys would if I told them that Santa was going to personally take them on a ride in his sleigh to the North Pole and they could pick out every toy they wanted, AND choose a reindeer for a pet. Well, guess what today is? It’s his birthday again, and I still haven’t done a thing to clean up that damn closet. I’ve just wasted copious amounts of time feeling guilty about it. While it has at times been a rocky road, he has the patience of a saint, and this marriage, now going on ten years, is my longest and most successful to date. 😉

Let’s see… What else can I tell you about me? I hate shopping, I’d rather pluck gray hairs than go to the salon, and I’m secretly looking forward to the premier of Bachelor in Paradise. Did I really just admit that?!


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I’ve Just Got To….

“Let’s swim, mom!”
“Okay, let me find a suit.”
Enter the laundry room looking for bathing suit, see a few towels that need folding. Take them into the bathroom. Wipe down a sink, notice another gray hair. What’s that make? A million now? Head to kitchen looking for phone to schedule hair appointment, see that dishwasher is done. Start putting dishes away, and see the ice pop container in a drawer and remember I had promised to make frozen yogurt pops. Open fridge to get yogurt out and see that there is a head of lettuce past its prime and take it out to the chickens. Start talking and petting and completely lose track of time until I hear,
“I found her! She’s in the coop. Again.”
“Ugh! Mom, you said we could go swimming!”
“Right! Hang on! I’ve just got to find a suit….”

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