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Amelia Earhart

Meet Amelia Earhart. She’s a gal with high hopes and lofty aspirations as she knows she’s not just your average chicken. She believes from the top of her crest to the very tips of her tail feathers that she was hatched to be an aviator.

She looks up for hours, head cocked to one side, eyes open wide as she studies the sky and all the birds that fly.

She takes a running start, lifts her wings, and hops and flops around the chicken yard, never making it more than a few inches off the ground. She’ll climb up the fount, or perch on the roost, determined that perhaps with just a bit more height and a whole lot of might she’ll finally get it right. She’ll thrust out her chest and stretch out her neck, then spread her wings, jump, and flap wildly all the way back down to the ground.

The other hens look at her either with sympathy or disdain and seem to cluck and cackle amongst themselves, as though they are saying, “You know, her mama was Clara. She was never much of a broody and often left the nest for hours on end. Amazing really that any of her chicks survived. It’s no wonder Amelia Earhart is…. different.”

But she pays them no mind and continues to try, determined that one day she’ll finally fly!Amelia Earhart


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