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Recurrent Conundrum

How I Study for Recurrent:

Sit down, pull up Practice Tests by Section. Get about two questions in. Ugh. This is so boring. Maybe I’ll just go collect the eggs really quick. Then come back in and start again. Good idea. Go outside. Gather eggs. Might as well top off their feed and water while I’m out here. And a little raking wouldn’t hurt any. Heck, I’ll just check on the other animals, too. Actually, this would be a great time to go see the neighbor’s goats. I’ll just walk up there and take a quick peak.

One hour fifteen minutes later:

Head in house. Hayden calls out, “Mom, don’t forget my soccer game today!” Right! Shoot. I didn’t wash his uniform. Do I still have time? Nope. Toss it in dryer to freshen it up. There was something else I was going to do. What was it? Hmmmm…..

“Addison, have you finished your math homework? I leave for Recurrent tomorrow, so if you need help, today’s the day!”

Oh, right. I need to study for Recurrent! Where’d I leave my iPad? Look for it in bedroom. What? I didn’t make the bed this morning? Pull up duvet, fluff throw pillows. What else do we need for soccer? “Hayden, where are your cleats? Did you leave them in the car? Go look in the trunk.”

Wait. Something about that doesn’t seem right. What? What? What? Oh no! No! No! No! His birthday presents! “Hayden, no! Don’t go out there! Stop!!!” “Jeez, Mom. What?” “Nothing. I just didn’t want you to shut your fingers in the door. You go fill your water bottle. I’ll get your cleats.” Yikes, that was close.

Oh my gosh. I am so not ready for his party. I better cut out his cupcake wrappers. Where on earth are the scissors? Oh man. We have to leave for the game in 10 minutes. I need to change. Walk in closet. This is a disaster. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Where are my capris? Oh, my suitcase. I need to pack for Recurrent.

Agh. Recurrent. That’s right. I need to study for Recurrent. Ergh. Well no time for that now.


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Moderation? Huh?

As a mother, it falls on me to show my boys what compassion, empathy, kindness, and courage look like. I want them to know diversity. I want them to know both strength and humility. These are just a few of the traits I hope my boys will be shaped by as they grow into young men.

I take that responsibility pretty seriously, and sometimes I feel like I hit the ball out of the park, while other times, like the past couple of days, I feel like I fail miserably. I guess I am still being shaped myself.

This morning as I simultaneously work on preparations for Hayden’s birthday party and browse CL for more hens, I realize that unfortunately, my boys will have to look to someone else for a sense of moderation.

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