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Because I Want You to Know


Photo by Jennifer Barnes Photography

To my Addison and my Hayden,

Sometimes, I start to feel sad when I am away from you, because I miss you so much it feels hard to breathe.  But then I remind myself that because I love you so much, I am with you — I am always with you — even when we are far apart.  There are moments in my life that take my breath away, moments when I feel overcome with gratitude that God chose me to be your mommy.  I cherish the way you make me laugh after a hard day, breathing in your rough and tumble scent when you wrap your arms around me for a hug, feeling the weight of your leg or arm tossed across me in your sleep (Addison), hearing the smack of your lips when you give me one of your precious kisses (Hayden).  I am blessed beyond words to be your mommy.  You have brought more joy to my life than I could ever express.  You are everything that is good, everything that is right.  You are my joy, my laughter, my love, my life.  I love you forever and always, to infinity plus some and a whole lot more.

Love, Mommy
and PS, I’m bringing home those Maui cookies that you like so much….


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