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Oh Brother

Hayden: Mom, Addison’s being mean. Again.

Me: Oh dear. I was afraid of this. I think it may be time to trade him in. I’m pretty sure they have replacement older brothers on Craigslist. We should probably start looking. Have you thought about what you’d like?

Hayden (looking horrified, waving his hands): No! Nothing like that! I still love him. I just want him to be nice to me.

Me: Oh. Okay, well, let’s make a magic potion. A spell. Let’s see, we’ll need chicken feathers and bunny poop and one of Addison’s baby teeth, or maybe a toenail….

Hayden (half laughing, half exasperated): Eeeewwwww!!! Mom, potions don’t work. They aren’t real. I’ll go talk to him and tell him he hurt my feelings and that he should be nicer.

Me (reluctantly): I guess that’s a good idea, too. But let me know if it doesn’t work. We could always lock him in a room with Auntie Sarah and have her give him tickle torture.

Addison (faintly, as he is around the corner and up the stairs but obviously listening): NOOOO!!! Not tickle torture! Anything but Auntie Sarah’s tickle torture!!!


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My Baby Was Gone

His dad stood in the doorway, waiting for my decision.

I held his face between my hands and smiled at the freckles across his nose, at his dark eyes and long lashes, and I wondered how was he suddenly so tall, so grown?

“I know I can do this, Mama. I’m sure of it.”

I smoothed his hair and studied his lips and found myself briefly lost in a memory of him as a baby.

“It’s a very grown up thing to do. A big responsibility. Are you sure you’re ready?” I asked reluctantly.

With his voice full of quiet determination, hope, and innocence somehow all mixed into one he said, “I feel very mature about this.”

Hiding the laughter rising through my chest I sighed and said, “Okay then. You can go.”

And he threw his arms around me, and I kissed the top of his head and he said, “I love you, Mama.”

And just like that, my baby was gone.

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