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Because You Are Amazing

Karma. Little random acts of kindness. Paying it forward. Whatever you call it, you, my beautiful friends, with your generosity and desire to support and encourage my little dreamer, set in motion one of the most wonderful parenting moments I have yet experienced. Because of you, Hayden, without even realizing it, showed me the depths of his heart, his empathy, his compassion, his desire to help others.

Last night, shortly before bedtime, I posted on Facebook that Hayden had created a new company named Hayden’s Homemade. From time to time he will offer crafty homemade items for sale, and his first offering was a Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub. He hoped to sell enough to buy a $20 Lego set he’s had his eye on. Unbeknownst to him, while he slept, orders began pouring in.

This morning, when he woke, he excitedly pounced on me to find out if anyone had replied to my post and ordered a sugar scrub. When I told him how many of you had placed orders, he was over the moon! He jumped up and down, did a victory dance, threw his arms out in front of him and punched the air, chanting oh yeah, oh yeah!

And then he became still, and quiet, and I knew he was thinking.

But mom, he said, that’s over a hundred dollars. That’s almost two hundred dollars. While I was sleeping! And I didn’t really even have to do anything. I just had to have an idea and then make it, which was really fun, like playing. And then it turned into all this money. While I was sleeping!

He was quiet again.

Mom, you know all these books we’ve been reading? About people who have no money, or who have to leave their houses and their country and don’t have enough money to even buy food? Can I give my money to them? Or maybe to your friend who is going to that country, what’s it called? Ugor?


Yeah. Uganda. You know your friend who’s going there to help people start their own businesses? So they can make money and buy food for their kids? You know that friend?


Yeah. Yeah her. Can I give my money to her and then she can use it to help the people in Uganda start their own companies? And that way my company can help make more companies?

I think, Hayden, that is a wonderful idea.

Then why are you crying?

Because you are amazing.

Hayden will be donating his profits to help fund my friend and coworker Lianne Philips’ trip to Uganda. She has partnered with Hear the Cry and will be helping the house moms at Bethany Village, an orphanage in Uganda, develop skills that will in turn help them generate an income. It’s an amazing thing she is doing, and I am thrilled to pieces that in overhearing me telling Patrick about it a couple of weeks ago, it left enough of an impression on Hayden that he remembered and wanted to help as well.

So thank you, all you lovely friends of mine, for encouraging and supporting Hayden, which led to his opportunity to encourage and support a friend traveling across the world to encourage and support those who need it most. Beautiful.


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Road Trippin’

The boys have made a meticulous list of all their electronic gadgetry. DVDs (they picked ‘The Man from Snowy River’ so I must be doing something right), Kindles, a laptop, iPad, headphones, chargers, and so on. Check, check, and checkity check.

I’ve tossed two books into the center console to read aloud along the drive. We’ll get through one.

Patrick packed a cooler full of food that I know will all be placed back in the pantry and refrigerator again this evening. We’ll stop at Starbucks before we hit the freeway and load up on pricy snacks instead.

The animals are all fed and watered, lights off, doors and windows locked. We’re in the car and I do my cursory check that everyone is wearing shoes. I learned that one early on in my days as a mother of toddlers. Now no child enters my car without me glancing at their feet. Oh the number of times I’ve sent someone, my husband included, back in for footwear.

We back out of the garage, head down the drive, turn onto the road, pass the gate. I sigh with relief and begin to relax. It appears we’ve made it through the most stressful part of any trip — just getting out the door.

We are ten minutes from home when Hayden says he’s forgotten his Fitbit. We talk it through until he decides he’s fine without it and continue on. Patrick keeps stealing glances of himself in the rear view mirror, often enough that I ask him what he’s doing. He forgot to put gel in his hair. A little further down the road I remember that I’ve forgotten my sunglasses, and Addison announces he needs to use a restroom. So we turn around and head for home.

Fifteen minutes later Hayden grabs his Fitbit, and I my sunglasses. Addison dashes for the restroom, and Patrick styles his hair. Lights are turned off, doors locked, and we all pile back into the car. I check again for shoes, and we are on our way….

Mariners or Bust!!!

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