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A Summer Well Lived

The early morning sky is streaked with pink, yellow, green and blue light. Mt. Hood towers above the foothills, which are covered in a light fog. I stand on the deck and the air is already warm, or maybe still so from yesterday’s heat. It is going to be another beautiful day, but a heaviness that is too familiar at this time of year surrounds me.

I know the summer is almost over, the mornings of sleeping late and nights of staying up later, the evening campfires and afternoon swims will soon be behind us. I know I should enjoy these last moments, the last chances for summer memories, but the dread of sending the boys back to school always creeps in and colors these last days of summer a bittersweet hue.

I walk through the quiet house while everyone sleeps. Evidence of a summer well lived by two little boys is everywhere. Barn boots covered in mud and dirt and twigs and leaves from tromps and stomps in the creek are kicked off by the garage door. Football and Pokemon cards are lined up in meticulous order beneath the great room windows. A Disney fast pass is discarded on the kitchen counter. The front porch is cluttered with mason jars full of cotton balls, seeds, and sprouts of something long forgotten. A heaping pile of swim shorts and pool towels fill the laundry room sink. Graham cracker crumbs, sticky streaks of marshmallow, and a chocolate wrapper litter the patio around the firepit. A ring of dirt, of horses and trail rides, big swings and sand boxes, slip’n slides and summer camp encircles the tub from last night’s bath. Birthday presents fill the living room, the Lego shop is filled to bursting with new masterpieces painstakingly built.

Every room shows bits of summer and freedom and unscheduled bliss. And I wish it could be this way forever.


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