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Smoke But No Flames

I locked myself in the bedroom to finish up the wrapping and told the boys not to come in unless something or someone was on fire. By now you would think I would know better than to say such a thing.
So…. Addison decided to make Hayden some breakfast…. Apparently there was some smoke, but no flames, so they figured they had better take care of it themselves. I had no clue until I had finished the wrapping and walked out of my room into a blast of cold air, as they had opened all the windows and doors to air the house out. Hayden greeted me by saying, “We had a little problem, but it’s all good now. Nothing to see here, mom. Nothing to see.”


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Come Fly with Me

I was mad at my older sister, irritated with my younger brother, and felt misunderstood by the world in general, so begged my parents to let me fly from Bellingham to Boise to spend some time being spoiled and appreciated by my grandparents.

Perhaps it was fate that they said yes. Maybe they relished the idea of a week free from my preadolescent angst. What did it matter? I was on my way!

I stepped onto that Alaska Airlines jet and felt like the whole world was at my fingertips. I was 12 years old, and flying alone for the first time. The stewardesses were beautiful, and they treated me like I was the most important person on that plane. I felt like a princess. I knew then exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up. I was going to be an Alaska Airlines stewardess.

Ten years later, my wings were proudly pinned to my uniform and my dreams and adventures were just getting started.

In the years since, I’ve flown high time, I’ve flown low time, I’ve not flown at all. I’ve been broke, broken, blessed, and rich beyond measure.

Flying isn’t just what I do. It’s a part of who I am. I love the career I chose back when I was still a little girl. And I love the life the flexibility of this career has allowed me to live. I love that my children are growing up as comfortable in a plane as they are in a car. I love that because of Alaska Airlines, the world really is at their fingertips.

And I love the people I work with.

We are Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants.

We make people feel like the most important person on our plane. We make little girls feel like princesses. We are the best of friends and coworkers. We are the best in the industry.

Want to fly with us?

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