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Here’s a great idea that I found on one of my favorite blogs, Penny Carnival.  Megan introduced this fun activity to her readers as a Park Scavenger Hunt.  I put my own western themed spin on her great idea, and used the pictures on the red sheet of paper below as an activity at Addison’s Pool & Pony Party last week.

Addison and his friends had so much fun that I decided to make another one for him to do in the car during our drive to school.  We live out in the country, and it is about a twenty minute drive between our house and his kindergarten, so I drew little pictures of the things we are most likely to see along our way.  Those are pictured on the brown sheet of paper.

Another idea if you aren’t sure your kids will recognize your drawings for what they are meant to be (I had to make several clarifications, myself) would be for you to cut out pictures from a magazine or coloring book, and paste them all onto a piece of paper.  Or, jot down different numbers and letters, and draw some shapes, or even more simple, scribble some different colors to find.  Just have a few crayons handy, and your little one can either color the pictures as he or she finds the real life counterparts, or simply circle or cross them out as they are spied.

I made several copies of each, so we can hunt again and again.  We made a rule that we can’t spy the same thing twice (once he spied the old blue tractor at the end of the pasture down the road, he can’t count that one again, so will have to spy a different tractor the next time).   This should help it stay exciting and challenging.


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To The Races!

A fun and easy activity for these first days of fall is a Sack Race!

I made these bright and colorful sacks in no time at all, and the kids all had a ball!

Corinn with some major spring in her step!

This is soooo funny!

Maggie can do it on her own!

Now, where did everybody go?

Wait for me, I’m on my way!

Hayden begging Daddy to let him keep his sack on!

Sacked out at the end of the day!

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