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Okay, so my head has obviously been in the sand for quite some time, for me to have just discovered that the book Eat Pray Love has been made into a movie starring Julia Roberts, and is currently showing in theaters!  Woohoo!  My day just suddenly became fantastic!  I love this book!

So I most likely won’t be able to drag Patrick to Cinetopia to see this one, but that’s fine by me!  As a matter of fact, I want this one all to myself!  One afternoon next week, if you happen to be looking for me, I’ll be in a theater with a big bucket of popcorn, a box of Butterfingers, and a Diet Coke, all to myself!  I can’t wait!

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My husband hasn’t seen me in the past 24 hours.  My children, when they scream long enough, and loudly enough, can barely get my attention.  I’m not sure the animals have been fed yet today.  The kids have had to fend for themselves in the pantry and fridge.  I haven’t answered the phone.  And for the first time, I was late taking Addison to and from school.  I even considered skipping it all together so I wouldn’t have to pull myself away from my newest guilty pleasure.

I’ve fallen in love.  With a blog.  And I think you might, too.

I found it through the recommendation of one of my life-long best friends.  It is actually written by one of  the girls we were friends with all through school, starting for me, way back in the second grade.  There was a group of us, that even though I’ve long since moved away, and not been great about keeping in regular contact, I still like to think of as cherished friends, and kindred spirits.

Heidi is the one I always most wanted to emulate.  To be perfectly honest, I think I even had a bit of a crush on her.  And after spending the past day (and night) reading her blog, I’d say I still do!  She was sooooo artistic and creative, funny and clever.  She always had the best Halloween costumes, the yummiest lunches, the prettiest Prom dresses, and the thickest, most beautiful eyelashes.  There was so much that I envied about her, and apparently still do!

Her blog is filled with laugh-out-loud moments as she shares the tales of life with her three children, her husband, and their pets.  And, they have horses.  And pastures.  And horses. And tractors.  And horses.  Oops.  Did I already mention they have horses?  Well, those of you who know me will forgive me.  You all know that I dream of one day having horses.  And pastures.  And horses.  And tractors.  And horses.

So here it is:

Go to it.  Read it.  Fall in love.

I have to go now.  I need some Scuttlebutt.

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